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Boot BartPE.iso from USB

Posted by thegeeknme on October 27, 2008

Problem: CDs are so yesterday and slow to boot from. How can I take my bartpe.iso and boot it into a RAM drive from USB?

Solution: After much reading and experimentation I finally figured out how to make this happen.


1) Format the USB to FAT

2) Install syslinux onto the thumb drive.
Download here:
Extract and run from win32 folder: syslinux (usb drive letter) ie. syslinux f:

~Now assuming you have compiled your BartPE cd .iso

from pebuilder folder
3) copy bartpe.iso to usb rootv
4) copy pe2usb.bin from root of \pebuilder\ to usb root and rename to pe2usb.bss

from XP source files
5) copy NTDETECT.COM from bartpe\i386\ folder to usb root
6) copy ntldr from the \i386\ folder of your xp source files
7) create winnt.sif plain text file with the following
BootDevice = “ramdisk(0)”
BootPath = “\I386\SYSTEM32\”
OsLoadOptions = “/noguiboot /fastdetect /minint /rdexportascd /rdpath=bartpe.iso”

8) edit the syslinux.cfg file from USB root and add the following lines
label bartpe
#menu passwd test *optional
menu label Bart’s PE
kernel pe2usb.bss

Voila! You should now be able to ‘boot from USB’ and load the BartPE image into RAM.


4 Responses to “Boot BartPE.iso from USB”

  1. Anonymous said

    1. No syslinux.cfg in the root2. Do I have to extract the who to the flash disk’s root or extract to root of the usb disk?

  2. The said

    You’re right I wasn’t very clear.Download and un-zip to your local harddrive.This will created a bunch of ‘syslinux’ folders. Look for win32 and within it you will find the dos syslinux.exe command.Open a dos prompt window and navigate to this win32 folder.Next, run syslinux.exe ‘usb driver letter’:example: syslinux.exe f:You should now have the syslinux boot loader on the USB drive and a syslinux.cfg file in it’s root.Hope it helps.

  3. dlpirl said

    Nothing happens on my FAT USB drive (J:) when I run syslinux.exe j: from a cmd window on Windows XP Pro. Its syslinux 3.6.3.

  4. Brian Graham said

    So just to clarify… after running syslinux.exe j: if you open the J: drive there are no files?

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